About Us

I had been investing in Maui real estate for many years prior to opening Big Wave Realty, and I had come to realize there was a need for a different kind of brokerage.  I started Big Wave Realty in 2010 in Paia Town on the North Shore of Maui as a boutique brokerage that catered to a very unique clientele base that was focused on the true Maui lifestyle.

Traveling the world as a pro windsurfer I had created a large network of friends that shared my passion for the ocean, sports, healthy living, and good times.  To these friends, Maui was the Mecca of their lifestyle, the real deal to their dreams.  Many of these friends became clients, and they appreciated the attention to detail and involvement that could only come from understanding their overriding motivation of living the Maui dream, and from the experience of dealing with Maui real estate in a creative way to customize a property to fit that dream.  Over the years, client satisfaction and word of mouth led to an organic growth of the brokerage, expanding Big Wave Realty into a full service company that now professionally caters to all aspects of the Maui real estate environment.

It has truly turned into a team effort, and I believe the Big Wave Realty team of professionals are some of the best and most experienced in the business.  In my opinion there is nowhere else in the world that offers such an amazing lifestyle, and Big Wave Realty is the brokerage that whole heartedly enjoys the Maui way!

Maui no ka oi!

Josh Stone
Principal Broker/Owner